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  Product Description: MV 8895-LCD
  Exynos8895 Octa Core (Custom Core 2.3GHz Quad / A53 1.7GHz Quad)

MV8895 is based on Samsung Exynos 8895 ARM 64 Bit Octa (Custom Core 2.3GHz Quad / A53 1.7GHz Quad). It supports MIPI CSI Camera, MIPI DSI 5" LCD, UFS 2.1.0, PCIe(GIGA WIFI), USB 3.0 for working high performance. The processor has that LPDDR4X 4GB applied and GPU (UHD) included 3D acceleration. It consisted new interface Bluetooth 4.2, GIGA WIFI such that new connectivity of environment. GPS used A-GPS (Assisted Global Positioning System). Operating system has applied Android 7.0 Nougat (Kernel 4.4.13). It offers Software (Driver Sources) and Hardware (Schematic). It is focusing on new interface at present when made MV8895-LCD. So buyers can get new skill through this on a Board for testing such as UFS, MIPI, PCIe, WIFI, Bluetooth etc.

  1. Features of MV8895-LCD

Materialize MiPi DSI/ CSI !

1. Detachable main CPU Module for mass production
  ㆍParts posting and compact size for mass production
  ㆍMiniaturizing (45.4x60.4mm) CPU Module
  Support various extension functions with providing Extension connector
  ㆍPossible to reuse the main CPU Module by modification of Base Board for mass production

※ Proposal : Various kinds of Products can be tested and manufactured for short time with the base board consist of the main CPU module and the chosen part by developers


2. Exynos 8895 Octa good point

ㆍSupport UFS 2.1
ㆍSupport PCI Express Socket
ㆍSupport LPDDR4X 4GB
ㆍSupport USB 3.0
ㆍSupport Dual MIPI DSI (LCD)
ㆍSupport UHD (3840X2160) DSC (MIPI)
ㆍSupport MIPI CSI Camera 4CH
ㆍSupport HEVC (H.265) H/W, UHD 60fps

3. Google Android OS Porting

ㆍAndroid Version 7.0(Nougat), Kernel 4.4.13
ㆍLinux Kernel 4.4.13

ㆍAndroid Version 7.0(Nougat), Kernel 4.4.13 list for offering
  -Support ADB based on Eclipse development environment USB
  -Support ADB (Android Debug Bridge) environment
  -Support MIPI CSI Camera, Video, MP3, Headset / Speaker, LCD, Touch, Button
  -Support USB to Ethernet, USB 3.0, SD/MMC, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0

ㆍLinux Kernel 4.4.13
  -Support USB3.0, SD/MMC
  -Support GIGA Ethernet (USB Type)
  -Support Speaker, USB Mouse, USB Keyboard

4. Equipped with Exynos8895 Octa Core (Custom Core 2.3GHz Quad / A53 1.7GHz Quad)
  based on Samsung Core

ㆍMulti Format Codex(MFC) Encoding/Decoding MPEG4/H.263/H.264/VP8/HEVC up to 4K 60fps
ㆍ2D / 3D Graphics OpenGL ES 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 / OpenCL 1.1 Full Profile / OpenVG 1.1

5. Equipped with High function USB HOST / Device 3.0
  ㆍUSB Host / Device 3.0 Super-speed (5 Gbps)

6. Equipped with High function, Low-Cost memory device for mass production
  ㆍUsed parts/Sockets and designed for mass production considered manufacture
   for mass production
  ㆍLPDDR4X 4GB(1866MHz)
  ㆍEquipped with UFS 2.1 which is lower cost and high capacity than previous NAND Flash

7. 5.7" MIPI LCD for developing eBook / luxury car navigation system
  ㆍEquipped with 5 "LCD which is best-suited for electronic map
  ㆍEquipped with 5 " Wide Type MIPI DSI / resolution 1080X1920

8. Equipped with Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / NFC / GPS Module
  ㆍEquipped with Wi-Fi Module required for Wireless communication / Bluetooth4.0

9. Equipped with Android essential sensor
  ㆍMagnetic Sensor: G Sensor / E-Compass / Gyroscope / pressure / Ambient Light Sensor

10. Materialization of high speed USB 3.0 for optimized development environment
    ㆍMaterialization of USB 3.0 Device Interface based on maximum speed 480 Mbps
    ㆍMaterialization of optimized development environment is possible with downloading
    mass storage Linux, Android BSP image rapidly
    ㆍUSB Host / Device 3.0

11. Support various Boot Mode
    ㆍSD Boot Mode
    ㆍUFS Boot Mode

12. Equipped with battery only for mobile device for manufacturing mobile device and
   Materialization of rechargeable circuit

    ㆍEquipped with Not the adapter type for simple reference board and training kit but the
    mobile device-only battery and extra battery for manufacturing mobile device
    ㆍMaterialization of battery charge circuit and software which is possible to application
    on mass production mobile device

13. Various Interface giveaway
    ㆍSPI, I2C ,I2S, ADC, UART, Keys, PWM, GPIO
    ㆍMIPI-CSI(Camera) , MIPI-DSI(LCD)

 2. Components of MV8895-LCD(EXYNOS 8895) System Block Diagram

 3. MV8895-LCD Main CPU Module


 3-1. Components of MV 8895-LCD System

 4. Components of MV8895-LCD and Peripheral Device

ㆍUSB 3.0 Host / Device (1.5 / 12 / 480Mbps)
ㆍPCI Express (WIFI, Socket)
ㆍLPDDR4X (4 GB) / UFS 2.1
ㆍ2D/3D Graphics
ㆍAndroid 7.0

<Peripheral Device>

ㆍMulti-GNSS Engine
ㆍIntegrated LNA
ㆍApplicable area: Navigation

Wi-Fi / Bluetooth4.2
ㆍWIFI Direct (PCI Express)
ㆍWIFI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
ㆍBluetooth 4.2

PCIe Socket
ㆍPCIe 2.0 Socket Interface

Camera(MIPI CSI)
ㆍFront:2M Pixel, Back:16M Pixel
ㆍApplicable area: Phone, PDA


ㆍBattery only for mobile device
ㆍVarious 5000mAH capacity
ㆍApplicable area: Whole mobile part

 5. MV8895-LCD Hardware SPEC


Exynos 8895 (64Bit)

Exynos8895 64Bit Octa Core
( Custom Core 2.3GHz Quad Core
/ Cortex -A53 1.7GHz Quad Core)

[ARM Mongoose Quad CPU]
64/32KB I/D Cache, 2MB L2 Cache

[ARM Cotex-A53 Quad CPU]
32/32KB I/D Cache, 256KB L2 Cache



Internal 4GByte (1866MHz)

NAND Flash


UFS 2.1 32GB



2M Pixel / 16M Pixel
4 Lane CH1: Camera Interface Header
2 Lane CH2: Camera Interface Header
4 Lane CH3: Camera Interface Header
2 Lane CH4: Camera Interface Header

Audio Codec


Stereo 400mW Output Speaker , MIC IN, Headset



2D/3D Graphic Controller





5"WSVGA LCD 1080x1920

MIPI (DSI), Dual 5" LCD 1080x1920 
( Capacitive Multi Touch )

4 Lane CH1: LCD Interface

Touch Screen

Multi Touch

10 Point Multi Touch Screen Panel

Micro SD Slot


Micro SD Slot 1Port



(Buck 12 EA /LDO 43 EA )

Charger, fuel gauge, MUIC etc

Bluetooth 4.2

PCI Express

WI-FI(Direct) 802.11 b/g/n, WPA/WPA2 / Bluetooth 4.2



Multi-GNSS Engine
(Assisted Global Positioning System)



Battery 5000mAH/3.7V



DSUB 1Port, Extension Connector 3Ports,
GPS 1Port, BT 1Port



G-Sensor, E-Compass, Gyroscope

 6. MV8895-LCD Software SPEC
OS Android 7.0, (Linux Kernel 4.4.13)
Bootloader H/W initialization (UART) (115200)
Image Download USB 3.0 (Device)
Flash UFS 2.1 (32GB)

MIPI (DSI) LCD 5"/ Multi Touch 10Point ( Support only Android ) (1080x1920)

USB 3.0 HOST, Device

- Debug UART

- GPS 

- Audio Codec (SPK / MIC / Headset) 

- I2C / SPI / Magnetic Sensor, Accelerometer 

- GIGA WiFi ( Support only Android) 

- Bluetooth 4.2 ( Support only Android) 

MIPI Camera (Interface Header Type) ( Support only Android) 

GIGA Ethernet USB 3.0 ( Option )

Support   PWM ( Control of LCD brightness ) 

Support   PMU

Application Camera APP sample giveaway (Android)

  7. Contents of MV8895-LCD CD

1. Schematic (DSN), Data Sheet of Components

2. Data Sheet of Components (Android), Korean Manual

3. Provide Device Driver sources

4. Provide BSP (Android) sources, Binary Images

ㆍ Android O/S Porting : LCD, Support Multi Touch

ㆍ Android Version 7.0, Kernel 4.4.13 O/S Porting

ㆍ Support USB 3.0 based on Android Version 7.0, Kernel 4.4.13

ㆍ Support Video based on Android Version 7.0, Kernel 4.4.13

ㆍ Support SD/MMC based on Android Version 7.0, Kernel 4.4.13

ㆍ Support Wi-Fi based on Android Version 7.0, Kernel 4.4.13

ㆍ Support PCIe (WIFI) based on Android Version 7.0, Kernel 4.4.13

ㆍ Support MIPI Camera based on Android Version 7.0, Kernel 4.4.13

ㆍ Support MIPI TO TFT LCD 5" Driver based on Android Version 7.0, Kernel 4.4.13

ㆍ Support MIPI TO TFT LCD 5" Multi Touch Driver based on Android Version 7.0, Kernel 4.4.13

ㆍ Support Audio Codec(SPK, MIC, Headset) based on Android Version 7.0, Kernel 4.4.13

ㆍ Support Graphic rotation function based on Android Version 7.0, Kernel 4.4.13

 8. Package List(MV8895-LCD)


Header Type Cmera



USB Cable


 9. Various applied area of MV8895-LCD

 10. Development Tool Environment

 11. Technical Support

Technical Q&A for MV8895-LCD

ㆍ Technical support team for Reference Board (6 experts) !!

ㆍ Quick & accurate After sales Service !

ㆍ Technical support by E-mail for Solution board problem

  (E-mail : tech@mvtool.co.kr / tst@microvision.co.kr )