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MV2443-LCD (S3C2443, Samsung)

 Product Concept :
 Enhanced Quality ”®Real Product-Like”Æ Solution Board!!
 This is a solution board developed on the basis of
 Samsung S3C2443X processor (533MHz) which is
 used for Samsung Mobile machineries, that uses
 4.3”± wide type TFT-LCD which is widely used in
 navigation products reducing the size of board
 Same as that of MV320-LCD board, the product allows
 testing of full functionalities by supporting GPS
 (Navigation), HDD and Camera.
It represents a true
 mobile solution with an actual battery charging circuit
 1. Features of MV2443-LCD Product

1. Features high performing S3C2443 (533MHz) based on Samsung ARM9 Core
¤żEquipped with new released version of S3C2443 (533MHz) based on SAMSUNG S3C2440
¤żThe best processor in the aspect of cost-performance comparison
¤żUniquely supports DDR memory among SAMSUNG ARM9 processors

2. Features high-performance, low-cost memory for mass production
¤żEquipped with NAND Flash (128MB) that supports high capacity with relatively very low
   cost compared to NOR Flash
¤żEquipped with mDDR (mobile Dual DRAM) which is twice faster than SDRAM

3. Features size-minimization and GPS modules for development of navigation for
   mass production

¤żReleased in small size that fits to 4.3”± TFT-LCD considering mass production
¤żFeatures wide type 4.3”± TFT-LCD (480 x 272)
¤żEquipped with SAMSUNG Electro-Mechanics GPS module

4. Features high resolution camera module for portable DVR, filming and screen capture
¤żEquipped with in-house developed 2m pixel of high resolution CMOS camera module

5. Features high speed USB 2.0 for optimal development environment
¤żFeatures USB 2.0 device interface supporting up to the speed of 480Mbps
¤żAllows super instant downloading of several tens of MB of Windows CE and Linux BSP
   images which enables setting up optimal environment for development

6. Features charging circuit and mobile battery for mobile device for mass production
¤żBeyond the simple adapter type used in reference and training kit, the product supports
   main and SUB-Battery which are essential for real mobile device
¤żFeatures circuit for battery charging and software that are applicable for mobile device
   for mass production

 2. Components of MV2443-LCD Block Diagram

 3. System Structure of MV2443-LCD

 4. Main Components and Peripheral Devices of MV2443-LCD

<Main Components>
¤żUSB 2.0 Device (Maximum 480Mbps)
¤żmDDR (128MB) / NAND Flash (128MB)
¤żWindows CE 5.0 / Linux 2.6.16
<Peripheral Devices>  
¤żSAMSUNG GPS Engine Module
¤żBB processor based on ARM7
¤żBuilt In Flash, RAM
¤żApplication area: Navigation
¤żAptina CMOS Image Sensor
¤ż2M Pixel
¤żReal-Time JPEG Encoder
¤żApplication area:
   Phone, PDA

 5. Various Application Area of MV2443-LCD

1. Multimedia terminal with excellent performance compared to price
¤żUsed elements and components optimized for high performance mobile devices
¤żProduced in small size in consideration of product”Æs case, which allows fast development
   of the product
¤żApplied fast-speed mDDR for optimal play of moving pictures

2. Intelligent robot with excellent performance compared to price
¤żApplied high performance processor (S3C2443) and high speed memory (mDDR)
¤żApplied high resolution camera module for image processing needed for robot
¤żAllows wire/wireless LAN for internet connection

3. Applicable in other various solution products such as Industrial management, High-tech
   medical instruments, Home network and etc.

 6. Specification of MV2443-LCD Hardware
CPU S3C2443 Samsung ARM920T Core 400/533MHz
SDRAM DDR mDDR 16Bit Access, Clock Speed 266MHz (64MB x 2EA)
Samsung NAND Large Block 1GB (128MB), 8 Bit Bus
AMD NOR Flash 8MB (1MB), 16Bit
WM8960 Stereo 1000mW Output speaker
USB 2Ports Host ver1.1 ”ę Support 1Port (A Type) Full Speed (12MBps)
Client 2.0 ”ę Support 1Port (MINI) High Speed (480 MBps)
UART 4Pprts Null Modem 3Ports (RS232 Level)
GPS Function 1Port (TTL Level)
Camera Aptina 2M Pixel Support Auto Focus , Preview Function & Snap Shot Function
Ethernet CS8900 Support only 10 Base-T, Support Link Led
SD/MMC 1Port MMC & Standard SD implementation
GPS Samsung GPS
Cold < 55 sec @130dBm
Hot <10 sec @ 130dBm
Worm <38 sec @ 130dBm
LCD 4.3”± TFT Support 480X272XRGB Dot, DE. SYNC Mode, 16.7M Colors
(Connector only)
2000mA @3.7V Full Operation over 1 Hour
Charger Micro semi
Charging Wall Adapter & USB, Charging UP TO IA
AC & Battery Switching Function. Battery Protection
Output AC Present Signal, Charging CC-CV
TACT Switch Tact Switch Assign to Intterupt Pin 6ea.
5V/2A Constant voltage Adapter

 7. Specification of MV2443-LCD Software
OS Windows CE 5.0, 6.0 Embedded Linux 2.6.16
Bootloader H/W Initialization (UART) (115200)
Image Download USB 2.0 Client / CS8900 (10M Ethernet)
Flash NAND Flash File system

TFT LCD 4.3"
USB1.1 Host
USB Storage/Mouse/Keyboard
USB Client 2.0 ActiveSync (Version 4.x)
- Debug Uart
- Serial Communication
Touch Screen Controller (WM8960)
MMC / SD Memory Card
CMOS Camera
ATA Interface
Ethernet Device Driver CS8900
Key Matrix Key Scan
LCD BRT LCD lightness adjustment (PWM)
Support PMU

Application Provide Camera APP Sample

 8. Contents of MV2443-LCD CD

1. Schematic (PDF, DSN), Parts Data Sheet
2. User Manual (Windows CE, Linux), Provide Manual in Korean
3. BSP (Windows CE, Linux) Sources, Binary Images (Check down below)
  ¤żWindows CE 5.0 BSP Binary Image
  ¤żWhole Windows CE 5.0 BSP Source file
  ¤żCamera Application Based on Windows CE 5.0
  ¤żApplication (Media Player) Based on Windows CE5.0
  ¤żWhole Sorts of Device driver source Based on Windows CE 5.0
  ¤żEmbedded Linux Boot Loader Binary Image
  ¤żBoot Loader Source file for Whole Embedded Linux
  ¤żEmbedded Linux Kernel 2.6.16 Version Binary Image
  ¤żWhole Embedded Linux Kernel 2.6.16 Version Source file
  ¤żFile System Binary Image for Embedded Linux
  ¤żWhole File System file for Embedded Linux
  ¤żGUI Application Based on Embedded Linux 2.6.16
  ¤żCamera Application Based on Embedded Linux 2.6.16
  ¤żApplication (Media Player) Based on Embedded Linux 2.6.16
  ¤żWhole sort of Device driver source Based on Embedded Linux 2.6.16

 9. Package List (MV2443-LCD)
MV2443-LCD (Front)
MV2443-LCD (Side)
Power Supply
USB Cable
Serial Cable
GPS Antenna
Camera Module
HDD (Option)