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MV3358-LCD (AM3358, TI)

 Product Description: MV320-LCD
 This solution board is developed with the Xscale Core
 Monahans PXA320 processor (806MHz)
which allows
 testing of every functionality required for developimg
 luxury navigation
and other mobile terminals like Smart
 Phone and PMP. The product is equipped with 7¡± wide
 TFT-LCD screen and a movie player with touch screen
 to provide optimal environment for 3D Graphic and
 moving pictures
. The product is applied with circuit
 design for battery charging which is an essential
 function for mobile devices. This product truly
 demonstrates an in- depth mobile solution.
 1. Features of MV320-LCD

1. PXA320 (Monahans) / ARM11 Based on XScale Core
 ¤ıEquipped with high performance processor PXA320 based on XScale Core
 ¤ıFeatures PXA320-P model which is equivalent to 806MHz based on ARM11 Core
 ¤ıExtra Built-in Mini LCD Controller which is adequate with LCD Controller and Smart Phone
    (Allows control of two LCD with one PXA320)
 ¤ıUniquely supports NAND Flash and DDR memory among Xscale processor
 ¤ıFeatures SD/MMC Controller

2. Features high performance and low-cost memory cell for mass production
 ¤ıEquipped with NAND Flash (128MB) which is low-cost and has lager storage space
    than NOR Flash
 ¤ıEquipped with DDR (Dual DRAM Ver.2) which is twice as fast as tradition SDRAM

3. Features 7¡± wide TFT-LCD and module for development of luxury navigation
 ¤ıEquipped with 7¡± wide TFT-LCD, providing optimal environment to play the movie or DMB,
    and also the electronic map. (Resolution Size 800 X 480)

4. Features DMB module for portable broadcasting system
 ¤ıEquipped with terrestrial DMB module which is one of the essential items for luxury navigation
 ¤ıThe module is developed by SAMSUNG allowing easy development of luxury navigation
    that uses SAMSUNG GPS module

5. Features 3D graphic engine for development of next-generation 3D electronic maps and games
 ¤ıEquipped with OpenGL ES hardware F3D2000

6. Renders 3D sound system for stereophonic sound effect
 ¤ıProvides 3D sound system for mobile terminal, which conventionally has been
    only available in theater

7. Equipped with high-resolution camera module for portable DVR, movie shot and
    screen capture.
 ¤ıEquipped with 2M Pixel of High-resolution In-house developed CMOS camera module

8. Super High Speed USB 2.0 for best development environment
 ¤ıUSB 2.0 Device interface based on 480Mbps of maximum speed
 ¤ıProvides best development environment with high-speed image downloading capability
    for Windows CE, Linux BSP

9. Features Battery for mobile applications and charging circuits for mass production
    of mobile terminals

 ¤ıBeyond the simple adapter type used in reference and training kit, the product supports
    main and Sub-Battery which are essential for real mobile devices
 ¤ıFeatures Battery charging circuit and software that are applicable for mobile devices

 2. Components of MV320-LCD Block Diagram

 3. Components of MV320-LCD System

 4. Components of MV320-LCD and Peripheral Device

<Key Component>
¤ıUSB 2.0 Device (Maximum 480 Mbps)
¤ıDDR (128MB) / NAND Flash (128MB)
¤ı3D Sound S/W, Windows CE 5.0 / Linux 2.6.14
<Key Device>    

¤ıLG Terrestrial DMB Chip
¤ıBuilt-in ARM926EJ processor
¤ıMPEG4, H264
¤ıApplicable area:
   Terminal combined use
   with DMB

¤ıSamsung GPS Engine
¤ıBB Processor based on
¤ıBuilt-in Flash, RAM
¤ıApplicable area: Navigation

3D Graphic
¤ıOpenGL ES, EX3D Support
¤ıSupport till XGA (1024x768)
¤ıSupport TV Out
¤ıApplication area: 3D,Games,
   Cell phone

¤ıAptina CMOS Image Sensor
¤ı2M Pixel
¤ıReal-time JPEG Encoder
¤ıApplicable area: Phone, PDA

3D Sound QBS Solution
¤ı3D sound solution
¤ıQBS based on S/W
¤ıDoesn¡¯t need additional H/W
¤ıBest at MP3P/PMP/TV/PDP
¤ıApplicable parts based on


 5. Parts of Applications Based on MV320-LCD

1. Luxury Navigation
 ¤ıDevelopment of Luxury Navigation using with GPS module and DMB module is possible
 ¤ıDevelopment of special navigation using with high resolution size camera module and
    3D graphic sound is possible

2. Mobile Multimedia Terminal
 ¤ıOptimal cell and parts on high performance, lower-power mobile terminal
 ¤ıDDR for high speed of good quality movie play with 2D graphic engine on it
 ¤ıDevelopment of portable game with 3D graphic engine and TV Out terminal is possible

3. Intelligent Robot
 ¤ıHigh performance processor (PXA320) and High Speed memory (DDR) for control
 ¤ıHigh resolution size camera module for images
 ¤ıWire and Wireless LAN for internet connection

4. Industry control, High-tech medical instruments, Home network and Various solution products

 6. Specification of PXA320 Hardware
CPU PXA320P XScale Core 806MHz
SDRAM Samsung DDR 128MByte, 32Bit Access, Clock Speed 266MHz (64MB x 2EA)
Flash Samsung NAND Large Block 1GB (128MB), 8 Bit Bus
Audio Codec WM9713 Audio Codec WM9713 Stereo 400mW Output Speaker, Support MIC IN, Head Set
Graphic Support 3D 3D Graphic Controller
Built-in 64MB (128MB) Graphic Memory
Sound Support 3D Sound Software
USB 3Ports Support Host ver 1.1 e 1port (A Type)
Support Client 1.1 e 1port (MINI)
Support Client 2.0 e 1ports (MINI)
UART 2Ports Standard 1Port (RS232)
Full Function 1Port (RS232)
Lattice MXO Type, 211 Pin User I/O
Camera Aptina 2M
Supports Auto Focus, CPU Capture Interface
* Choose Camera & DMB function using CPLD. Doesn¡¯t
support at same time
Use CPU Capture Iinterface
Choose Camera & DMB with using CPLD , Doesn¡¯t support
at same time
Ethernet LAN91C111 Support 10/100 BASE-T, Support Link LED
SD/MMC 2Ports  
GPS Samsung GPS
Cold < 55 sec @130dBm
Hot < 10 sec @ 130dBm
Worm < 38 sec @ 130dBm
LCD 7¡± WVGA 800 X 480 16Bit (USE Date enable mode)
(Connector only)
2000mA @3.7V Full Opertion Over an Hour
Charger TI Battery Switching Function. Battery Protection, AC Present Output the signal, CC-CV Charge
Protection On Board
Over Voltage Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Over Current Protection

 7. Specification of Software Spec
OS Windows CE 5.0, Embedded Linux 2.6.14
Bootloader Initialization for H/W, (UART) FF-UART (115200)
Image Download SMSC91C111 (100M Ethernet) / USB 2.0 Client / USB 1.1 Client
Flash NAND Flash File System

3D Graphic Controller (VLIO Interface)
USB1.1 Host (PXA320 Internal Func)
USB Storage / Mouse / Keyboard
USB Client 1.1 ActiveSync (Version 4.x)
USB Client 2.0 ActiveSync (Version 4.x)
- Debug Uart : FFUART
- Serial communication : BTUART
Touch Screen Controller (PXA320 TSI)
AC¡¯97 Codec (WM9713)
MMC / SD Memory card
CMOS Camera
DMB Interface
Ethernet Device Driver SMSC91C111 (VLIO)
Key Matrix Key Scan
Adjust the shade of LCD BRT LCD (PWM)
PMIC Voltage Controller

Application 3D Software Sound Carries (OPT.)
Provide DMB, Camera APP Sample

 8. Contents of MV320-LCD CD

1. Schematic (PDF, DSN), Parts of Data Sheet
2. User manual(Windows CE, Linux), Provide manual in Korean
3. Provide Device Driver source
4. BSP (Windows CE, Linux) source, Provide Binary Images
¤ıWindows CE 5.0 BSP Binary Image
¤ıWhole Windows CE 5.0 BSP Source file
¤ıDMB Application based on Windows CE 5.0
¤ıCamera Application based on Windows CE 5.0
¤ı3D Graphic Application based on Windows CE 5.0
¤ıMovie player application based on Windows CE 5.0 (Media Player)
¤ıAll sorts of device driver source based on Windows CE 5.0
¤ıBoot Loader 'BLOB(2.0.5-pre3)' Binary Image for Embedded Linux
¤ıWhole Boot Loader ¡°BLOB (2.0.5-pre3) source file for Embedded Linux
¤ıEmbedded Linux Kernel 2.6.14 Version Binary Image
¤ıWhole Embedded Linux Kernel 2.6.14 Version Source file
¤ıFile System (JFFS2) Binary Image for Embedded Linux
¤ıWhole File System (JFFS2) file for Embedded Linux
¤ıGUI Application based on Embedded Linux 2.6.14 Application (Qtopia 2.2.0)
¤ıDMB Application based on Embedded Linux 2.6.14
¤ıCamera Application based on Embedded Linux 2.6.14
¤ıMovie player Application based on Embedded Linux 2.6.14
¤ıWhole Device Drive source based on Embedded Linux 2.6.14

 9. Package List (MV320-LCD)
MV320-LCD (Front)
MV320-LCD (Side)
Power Supply
USB Cable
Serial Cable
MV320 CD
DMB Antenna
GPS Antenna
Camera Module